Mobile Attendance (Employee)

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Learn how to record attendance and request changes to your schedule through KAMI's mobile app.


Record your Attendance

Step 1: DashboardStep 2: Check-in DetailsStep 3: Facial RecognitionStep 4: Success
If you have a scheduled event for the day, details will be displayed on your dashboard.  Click "Check-in" to record attendance.Review schedule details before you proceed.  You may also be required to be in a certain location and It will ask you to add attachment too before you can successfully check-in. Hold still and look straight at camera to quickly verify your identity.Once successful, this message below will show.


You may only record attendance sequentially in the day, meaning you must successfully check-in to work before you can check-out. 

If you have forgotten to record attendance on time, then use the Event Amendment feature below to request approval for amendment.


KAMI now restricts users from checking in if a MOCK LOCATION is detected.  

An alert will be recorded in the system and can be reviewed by Admins through Attendance >Tools >GPS Mock Report.

My Schedule

Daily ScheduleMonthly ScheduleEvent Details
Easy overview of your schedule by dayClick on month to get birdseye view Click on an event to get details and request amendments as needed

Pay close attention to any event marked as tardy or absent  

Request New Event

If your manager forgot to roster you an event (shift), you worked an ad-hoc event or you want to ask for a new event in the future.

Step 1: Click   on the Dashboard "Request new working event" or on the Schedule page

Step 2: Request Event form 

Event DetailsScheduled TimeActual Timestamps
Basic event information.  

Apply a standard shift template if one applies to prefill the form!
When you are expected to work.

Include break times and allowed OT when applicable
If event has already occured, provide times that you worked.

You may be required to submit attachment for proof.
* reason is required

Do your best to provide a good reason and submit attachment proof where applicable so you have the best chance of being approved!

Step 3: Submit Request - request will automatically be sent to your Approver to take action

Visit your Approval page to see all your request and their status

Request Amendment

Click on any existing event to request a change.

The process is exactly the same as Request New Event above!

That's it - your mobile attendance is sorted!

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