Web Attendance (Employee)

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How to use the KAMI web based application to manage your schedule and timekeeping records


Record attendance on desktop ("Web Bundy") 

Your profile must be active by your company Administrator to use Web Attendance feature. Please contact them directly if you do not have access.

Your schedule for Today will appear at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Click on the highlighted time to record your attendance record.  For example above, click Check-in to record when you actually started to work versus your 9:00am scheduled time.

Use the Request Amendment feature to make corrections to your attendance records if you have forgotten to check-in or want to make a change to your schedule. 

My Schedule 

>> My Profile >Schedule

Weekly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

Late/tardy events are indicated in orange mark, while Absence is in red mark. Take note of events that are in Pending (P) and Holidays in your schedule. 

Events List

Recommended view to review details regarding your attendance records

My Requests

Keep up with what you have requested and approval status.

Request New Event

Request for a new event or activity that was not initially scheduled!

Step 1: Request 

Apply a shift if there are available template made by your Administrator to auto populate the details. If none, select event details manually.

If your event is a past event, make sure to add actual check-in and out. Add Attachment also to support your action.

Step 2: Approvals - once your request is submitted it will be displayed in your My Requests pending manager approval.  Once your manager approves it will automatically be added to your calendar.

Request Amendment

Request changes to correct your schedule.

Step 1: Select Event - click on an event to view, edit and request amendment 

Step 2: Edit details - directly make changes on what you need to amend such as activity, branch, schedule time, or adding actual check-in/out.

If you tick the Rest Day flag the holiday type will automatically applicable

Provide your Reason as this is a required field.

Step 3: Approval Once requested, the amendment will be sent to your manager for approval

It's as easy as that to manage your attendance on KAMI web application!

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