Biometric Tablet Attendance (Employee)

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Welcome to KAMI's Biometric Tablet!

KAMI's tablet ensures secure attendance through biometric fingerprint recognition. Rapid check-in method (3-5 sec) that records attendance with real-time system update!

Record Your Attendance

Please ensure you have registered your fingerprint prior to using KAMI Tablet.


Step 1: Tap HereStep 2: Scan FingerStep 3: Confirm
Tap on the screen to start process of logging in.Press down firmly on the scanner to record.Once you are logged in, verify the event details on the screen and then tap on the CONFIRM button to record attendance.

- Please ensure that your fingers and tablet scanner are clean.
- Make sure that the Branch indicated here is the same Branch in your working event details.
- Your check-in record will auto-confirm if you forgot to manually confirm your attendance.
- If fingerprint verification failed after two attempts, you will be automatically prompted to verify your face ID. Make sure to position yourself inside the circle on the screen, ensure good lighting, and remain still during the verification process.

Select REJECT if you would like to change your schedule OR to try again. 

Request Amendment

You can make changes to your schedule or actual timestamps directly in KAMI Tablet. For instance, your scheduled working hours are incorrect or you forgot to check-in or out.


Step 1: RejectStep 2: Request AmendmentStep 3: Submit
From the Check-in Confirmation page, select Reject if you wish to change your schedule.Change necessary details for amendment and then put a description.Tap Submit to complete your request for amendment. Your request will be subject for approval of your Manager.

Add an actual timestamps ONLY if the event has already concluded.

You're done! Convenience at Your Fingertip!

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