Inviting Employees to Join KAMI (Activation)

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>>My Team >Employee Invites

Once all the data has been completed, sending them an automated activation link through their provided contact details.


Sending Invites

Send your employees an invitation to activate their profiles! You can send invites in each profile or bulk.


Step 1: Go to My Team, then Employee Invites to view employee invitations with pending activation.

Invites becomes unavailable on the dashboard if there are no pending invites.

Step 2: Click or to send the KAMI Workforce invitation link to the employees. 

Employee needs completed the activation proccess through Web or Mobile Phone to join.

You can also share the GENERATED PASSWORD to the employee to allow them to log-in easily on mobile or webapp. Take note that they will be required to set a new password once they log-in

Step 3: Or you may click to send/resend the link to ALL unregistered employees at once

If SMS option is enabled, you have to click CONFIRM to successfully send out invites

No additional fee will be charged for now in sending SMS invites

You can only chase once a day per profile, wait another 24 hours to resend the invitation

Monitor Invites by filtering Action. 

Invite - for Uninvited and Re-send - for Invited but not yet activated


Step 1: Go to employee profile and click Send invite

OR  Click chase invites for employee who where already invited but haven't activated their accounts.

You can only chase once a day per profile, wait another 24 hours to resend the invitation

Generated Password (with no email or mobile numbers)

 Please use this scenario to allow employees who need email or mobile phone numbers to join.

Use ZipID and generated password on the invite screen > brows > complete ZipID and password > create new password > Your employee must be successfully activated!

KAMI Tablet

Has purchased a ZipIN biometric attendance tablet device? They may activate their profile directly on the tablet with a simple mobile phone (non-smartphone). 

Enter mobile phone number > OTP will be sent > verify OTP > set user password.

If you have a NFC Card, you may login to your KAMI Tablet by following this guide here!

Activation Status

Use the following guidelines to view the activation status and verify whether the user successfully registered their profile.

Invite - Uninvited, no invitation link has been sent yet
Re-send - Invited, but not yet activated
Not available on the list means your employee has been invited and activated.

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