Bulk Data Import - Field List (Indonesia)

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This article guides what to fill up on your Import templates so you don't get lost.

Key Identifiers

(Please pay close attention to these critical fields)

Field NameFormat


Employee ID


  • If Employee ID does not already exist in ZipHR, a NEW EMPLOYEE will be created.
  • If Employee ID already exists in ZipHR, the data will be edited on that existing employee.


Yes, No

Select NO if it is an employee that is no longer employed by the company.

ZipHR will store inactive employee data without any charge.




Middle Name


Not required



Not required



Nickname, not required

Mobile+62 number


Either a mobile number or company email is required as primary identifier for system access and security purposes.  


If neither is provided upon creation of a new employee, ZipHR will create a temporary email for the employee until the employee's real email or mobile is entered.

Company Email


Personal Info
GenderListMale, Female
Date of BirthYYYY/MM/DD 
Marital status (3)ListMarried, Single, Divorced
NationalityListFilipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, American ...
Personal Emailname@gmail.com 
Home Phone11 digits 
Tablet Check-In CodeInteger 
Address Line 1Text 
Address Line 2Text 
Zip CodeInteger 
Identification documentListSupporting details for identification
Identification Number16 chars
Identification Issue DateYYYY/MM/DD
Identification Expiry DateYYYY/MM/DD
ReligionListFixed list, not customizable
- Islam
- Protestantism
- Catholicism
- Hinduism
- Buddhism
- Confucianism
- Other
Dependent full nameText

Dependent details of the employee. If none, leave it blank.

ID NumberText
Birth PlaceText
Blood TypeText
Marital StatusList
Emergency Contact NameTextEmergency contact details of employee
Emergency Contact SurnameText
Emergency Contact RelationshipText
Emergency Contact Phone NumberText
NotesTextAny comment or feedback to the employee
Employment Info
Employment TypeList

Fixed list, not customizable
- Full Time
- Light Worker
- Non-permanent
- Part-Time

- Trainee
- Contractor

Office Phone+62 number 

These items may be user-defined in >>My Teams >Team Organization


If the item has not already been created, the import will AUTOMATICALLY CREATE the item to your Team Organization settings.

Cost CenterList
Hire DateYYYY/MM/DDCritical to calculate leave balances and payroll
Contract Expiry DateYYYY/MM/DDIf applicable
Probation Period (Days)IntegerSpecified policies are deactivated if in Probation Period
Notice Period (Days)IntegerIf applicable
Termination DateYYYY/MM/DD 
Leave Policy Start DateYYYY/MM/DDThe date upon which leave balances were migrated to ZipHR
User RightsListUser Rights are customizable per each module's settings.

My Team

Active, Inactive

Active determines the module an employee can have access to. This also determines the number of active users the system should billed for each module.


If you enable all our core modules, then it should be marked as "Active" so they will be able to see their schedules and payslip in the app.


Inactive will restrict employees from having access to a certain module.



Check-In RequiredCheckboxIs employee required to record attendance?
Activate Mobile Check-InCheckboxCan employee check-in via ZipHR mobile app?
Activate Remote Check-InCheckboxCan employee check-in from a remote location?
Enable Geo-TrackingCheckboxDo you track the employee's movements during the work day?
Geo-Tracking DistanceIntegerTrack employee every time they move more than X meters
Check-In Required For BreakCheckboxIs employee required to record break times?
Fixed Break TimeCheckboxIs the employee's break time flexible?
Tardy Grace OverrideTimeDoes the employee enjoy a greater tardy grace than others?
Activate Web BundyCheckboxDo you allow employee to check-in via the web app?
Follow Holiday RulesCheckboxAre Holiday Rules automatically applied?
Check-in Tardy Grace OnlyCheckbox

Tardy Grace only applied to check-in and NOT check-out
Event TemplateText

Customizable in Calendar > More Options > Settings > Event Templates

Ensure to input the exact Event Template name created in the app in this field.

Event Template Start DateYYYY/MM/DD 
Basic WageDecimalCritical to calculate payroll
Wage PeriodListIs the Basic Wage a Monthly, Daily, or Hourly rate?
Minimum Wage EmployeeCheckboxIf Yes, Min Wage will auto-set as Basic Wage
Minimum Wage MultiplierPercent 
Wages Tax ExemptCheckboxIf employee is MWE, his Wages should be tax exempt
Work Days/WeekInteger (1-7) 
Expected Working Hours Per DayTime (0:00-24:00) 
Batch CycleListPayroll Batch in which you issue payroll 
Wage TypeListGross, Gross-up, or Nett wage payments
Monthly Wage BasisListAverage number of working days per month
Fixed Monthly DaysIntegerFixed number of working days per month (if not EEMR)
BPJS KesehatanCheckbox
Activate contributions

Jaminan Hari Tua (JHT)
Jaminan Pensiun (JP)
Jaminan Kecelakaan Kerja (JKK)
Jaminan Kematian (JKM)
Payment MethodListIs it Electronic, Cash, or Cheque?
Bank Account Holder NameText 
Bank Account NumberInteger 
Tax Start DateYYYY/MM/DDFirst day employed in the current year
Tax CodeText and numbersTax Code based on the type of work
Fixed Tax Rate0-100If the employee is taxed at a fixed rate
Tax Group (PTKP)TextTax group based on marital status and dependants
Bank NameText 
NPWPInteger (15 chars) 
Income Tax Type
- PPH 21
- PPH 21 non-NPWP
- PPH 26
BPJS Kesehatan & Labour NumberInteger 


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