Validating Payslips

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Review detailed payslip data per employee and recalculate when needed.


Wages Details

Displays the calculated payment and deduction in relation to working events.

View Details

Review working details and amend schedule when needed

  • Wage Details - shows the salary used in computing the wages
  • Wages - details of the different working events paid to the employee
  • Wage Events - displays the detailed schedule of the employee

Option to edit each event is available if amendment needs to be applied

Contribution Details

Show computed contribution configured on contribution type settings

Option to disable contribution computation is available per profile

Taxes Details

Review computed tax based on employee income and add tax adjustment anytime!

  • Income Tax - taxes applied to wages and OP_taxable
  • Bonus Tax - taxes applied to OP_Bonus
  • Termination Tax - taxes applied to termination pay
  • Tax Adjustment - add manual tax adjustment when needed
  • Tax reconcile - annualized tax data when tax reconcile is enabled

See Payslip tax to view detailed computation of taxes.

Payslip Details

Check out the details used in computing the pay.


  • Payroll Batch Details - review the payroll details configured during the creation of the batch 
  • Payslip Status - easily update the status of payslip when needed

Only Authorized Approver can update payslip status

IMPORTED tag is available when data is only uploaded on KAMI using Importing Payslip option

  • Total Payable - displays the net payable that the employee will receive
  • Profile Payroll details - review the payroll data used in computing the pay of the employee

Use Edit option to apply any payroll changes that will reflect for the current payslip
While Refresh Profile option will allow KAMI to revert payroll details based on 
employee profile payroll details

  • Validations - automated warnings or error notifications enable you to quickly identify potential issues.  

See Validation rules to configure your custom validations

Calculation Options

Recalculate payslip anytime when any changes on data has bee applied

  • Recalculate Payslip - press to refresh calculation especially when amendment has been done to payslip data

Don't forget to enable Refresh Payslip profile and Other Payments to make sure that all amendments on profile payroll details will be capture on the computation

  • Reconcile Tax - press to get the year-to-end tax computation

Works when Final Yearly payslip is enabled during creation of payroll batch

Do More...

Check out other functions that can be done on employee payslips

  • Switch to another payslip - quickly jump to any historical payslips of the employee to view its details 
  • Audit payslip changes - COMING SOON
  • Fiscal Year Summary - view the summarized payroll details of the employee for the whole year

Filter to view previous year data is available 

Export Annual tax report here in case employee resigned in the middle of the year

  • Download employee payslip - download payslip as PDF file
  • Export payslip as excel - download payslip as XLSX file

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