Running KAMI Payroll

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>>Payroll Dashboard >Create Batch

Learn how to run payroll in KAMI!



Add the needed details to successfully create a payroll batch.

  • Select the appropriate Batch Cycle that you wanted to run such as Monthly, Semi-Monthly or Weekly payroll.
  • If Regular (Semi-Monthly) is selected as Batch Cycle, you'll have 1 and 2 as option in Payroll Batch Period.
    • - first payroll cutoff
    • - second payroll cutoff

Editing the automated details can be done if needed. Take note that attendance cut-off will be the period where attendance records will be based during payroll computation

Turn on Final Yearly Payslip to enable annual tax computation. Note that data from January until present batch will be considered in the annual computation.


Review calculation time and calculation options.

  • Enable Refresh Payslip Profile & Refresh Other Payments to capture any changes in employee data and plotted recurring Profile Other Payments prior payroll run.
  • Only enable Reconcile Tax when Final Yearly Payslip was enabled during creation of batch. This allows the system to compute for the annual income and tax of employees.
  • Click on Calculate to start the processing and wait for a success notification to appear to proceed to next steps!


Presents the summary and important data you need to know about the batch.

A graphical payroll analysis of Total Payable & Other Payments amounts are available to help in analyzing payroll data.


Validate details of each payslip of employees on this page.

  • Click the Validation and Termination cards to easily filter and view payslips that have validation warnings that requires your attention and those who are terminated in this payroll batch.
  • The Retroactive tab allows you to automatically compute and include pay adjustments of event and leave requests that were approved after the previous payroll batch has been processed.
  • You are allowed to select multiple things Filters 

Export Payroll Report to easily validate payslips.

Review Individual Payslips

Click on specific employee from Payroll Batch >Payslips tab to view full payslip details.

See Validating Payslips to get to know what you can do for single payslips.

Bulk Approve Payslips

Update the status of payslips once done with the validations.


Step 1: From Payslips tab, click "Select All" checkbox

Step 2: Click "Bulk Approval"

Step 3: Move Status in bulk depending on your authority 

Step 4: Click "Confirm" to change status

Users who are authorized by company administrator can only move status in bulk. Refer to "Payroll Approvers" section in Bulk Approve window to see who are authorized to move the status in bulk.

Note that once you move status to Verify, Close, or Pay - you cannot calculate the batch anymore. Revert the status to Pending if you wish to recalculate only if needed. This is not suggested if you already disbursed payments.

Bulk Delete option is also available for cases that some payslips should not be included in the current batch.


Review all the component of employee's total wage


Review allowances, deductions, and bonuses added to employee's payslips. 

Export Other Payments report to review payments in bulk.

Use Bulk Edit if you wish to edit the current plotted Other Payments of employees. This can also be used to bulk delete the payments.

Use Add Payment if you wish to add new Other payments to employees. Bulk Import is available if you intended to add multiple Others Payment in one go.


A side-by-side comparison of your current payroll batch to any historical batch to quickly identify differences in data.

Compare is typically used if you wish to weigh payments from last batch to the current batch.

Example, if you are using semi-monthly batch and is processing 1st cut-off, you may want to compare it to previous month - 1st cut-off.


Seamlessly disburse payments in this page.

See Disbursing Payroll (Payments) to get to know details how to process payments in KAMI.


See other functions available to process your payroll batch depending on your needs.

You can do More Actions in Overview and Payslips pages.

  • View Details - To quickly review the payroll details and batch cycle settings that will be applied during the computation
  • Recalculate Batch - Easily recalculate the payroll after making adjustments
  • Pay Bonuses - Create bonuses and calculate when needed
  • Terminate Employees - Process termination pay by bulk!
  • Import Historical Payslips - Option to import any historical payroll
  • Add Payslips Manually add employee payslips who were not part of the Batch Cycle configuration. Just make sure that the Profile Batch Cycle of employees are the same with the current payroll where you plan to add them.
  • Delete Batch - Delete the payroll batch ONLY when needed.

You cannot delete batches that are already marked as Closed or Paid. Once a batch is deleted, it cannot be retrieved anymore.

That's it - Easily run your payroll in KAMI!

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