Initial Data Requests - KAMI Onboarding

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Let's go through the data we need from you to get the implementation process running ASAP!


Always upload confidential data in a Secured Folder provided to you by KAMI. 
DO NOT EMAIL confidential information in any circumstance.

Profile Data

Provide as much data as you have about your employees for bulk upload to KAMI. Please see our sample profile templates for available fields.

Have more fields?  Don't worry.  We can create custom fields for you. 

Don't have all the data?  It's ok.  Just deliver as much data as you have readily available soonest.  We can keep adding more later.

In a different file format?  It doesn't matter.  Just give it to us in any electronic format and we will format it for import for you.  (Sorry we do not accept paper based data)

Attendance Policies

Information regarding how you schedule employee working times, record attendance and track leave.

  • Recurring roster (shift) schedule
  • Attendance policy, for OT, holidays, tardy, absence, etc.
  • Leave (off-work) policies
  • Historical timekeeping records for at least 1 full payroll period 

Don't have written policies? It's ok. Just give us what you have soonest and we can have a call to discuss the rest. 

You may also opt to fill out a form for all your working and leave activities. Refer to this template for your guide.

Payroll Policies

Information of how you pay your people.

  • Payroll policy, who you pay and when
  • Other payments, such as regular allowances, commissions, bonuses, deductions or anything else outside of salary payments
  • Full payroll records for at least one payroll run   


Some other data we will need to complete implementation. 

Not as urgent as the data above, but please provide it as soon as you can.

1. Company Details, your company's government numbers, tax identification number (TIN), bank details and company's certificate of registration. These are needed and required by your region's regulation for tax purposes.

2. Team Organizational Structure, in case you don't have available Organizational Structure yet, you may get a copy of KAMI Workforce template here. Specifically identify who will be the Manager and Approvers of each teams.

3. Branch details, do you deploy employees with different sites? You may provide us your each Branches' exact address or latitude and longitude for attendance schedules purposes.

4. User Rights settings, get a copy of KAMI Workforce User Rights template to determine access of each roles in your company.

5. Leave balances, give us your most updated leave balances to make adjustments in the system. Typically needed prior we go live in KAMI.

6. Historical Payslips, you may give us your copy of all your payslips from previous periods to be imported in the system. This is highly suggested if you wish to process bonus or the year-end tax preparations in KAMI. 

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your dedicated Client Success.

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