Establishing Leave Activities

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Configure the various types of leave activity that you provide to employees.


Activity Type

Leave activities are typically Requestable activities.

Leave should be set as off work activities. It is important to understand how an Activity must be generated in the app prior to setting up an Activity.


Untick Schedule on holiday or Schedule on rest day to automatically skip holidays/rest days.

Option to require attachment is now available

You can only fill in either Notice Period or Past Filing limit

Wage Settings

This setting will only appear if the activity is classified as PAID.

Make settings as above if leave considered as PAID

Requestable Activities

  • Are the yearly awards accrued? 
    • Tick - A fixed number of leave days are awarded
    • Untick - An uncertain or unlimited number of leave days are provided
  • Allow During Probation
    • Tick - If do not provide the leave whilst the employee is on probation
  • Allow forward balance
    • Tick - If allow employees to request leave based on the available balance they will have accrued by the date of the leave request
  • Fixed Date Prorate 
    • Tick - Leave credits will be prorated based on the join date
    • Untick - The leave credits will not be prorated
  • Is Primary Leave
    • Tick - If provide the leave to appear on the dashboards as one of the employee's key leave types, such as "Sick Leave"
  • Annual Anniversary Date 
    • Hire Date - If leave days are to be accrued based on the date they were hired
    • Fixed Date - If leave days are to be accrued on a fixed day of the year, such as 01 Jan
    • Birthday - If leave days accrued based on the employee's birthday
  • Accrual Basis
    • START - If leaves are awarded from the first day an employee is hired
    • END - If only awarded at the end of the first Accrual Interval
  • Maximum Days Requestable - Choose to limit the number of continuous leave days that can be requested
  • Accrual Interval - Award the leave on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis
  • Accrual Limit - Choose to put an overall limit to the total number of leaves that can be accrued. For instance, if set as 12, regardless of the leave policy the employee will never accrue more than 12 days of available leave
  • Leave Blackout Period - Select a fixed number of days from the employee's hire date where leave will not be available
  • Gender - Select a gender to make this leave option available to that gender only. Leave it blank if it is available for both genders


Carry Over

  • Carry Over Status
    • Unlimited - No expiration
    • Limited - Configurable base on the policy
    • No - No carry over at all
  • Carry Over Anniversary Date
    • Hire Date - Will carry over leaves on the annual day employee was hired.
    • Fixed Date - Will carry over leaves on the specified Carry Over Anniversary Month.
  • Carry Over Date
    • Anniversary - If leave is carried over on the specified Carry Over Anniversary Date
    • Award - Will carry over leaves from the date the leave was awarded to the Carry Over Expiry (Months)
  • Carry Over Limit
    • Full - Will carry over the entire unused balance from the previous period.
    • Limited - Will only allow the Limit (days) to be carried over.
  • Carry Over Expiry (months) - Number of months after the Carry Over Anniversary Date that any unused carryover leave will be entirely expired
  • Carry Over Offset (months) - If Carry Over Limit is "Limited" specify the number of months after the Carry Over Anniversary Date that the limit is applied.  For instance
    • The employee has 12 days of unused leave 
    • Carry Over Anniversary Date = 01 Jan
    • Carry Over Limit = 5 days
    • Carry Over Offset (months) = 3
    • Carry Over Expiry (months) = 6
    • As of 01 Jan, 12 days will be carried over.  After the 3-month Carry Over Offset, the carryover limit of 5 days will be applied.  On the 6th Carry Over Expiry month, all unused carry over will be expired.

Once you're establishing your off-work activity, start to configure your Leave Policy next.

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