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Automate leave balance conversions for situations such as end-of-year leave encashments or other similar situations.


Leave Rules Configuration 

  • Source activity - activity balance to be transferred from

  • Balance threshold - only balances in excess of the threshold will be transferred

  • Metric - choose either Percentage or Fixed

  • Amount - the Percentage or Fixed amount to be transferred above the Threshold

  • Target activity - activity balance to be transferred to, select "Encashment" if you wish to convert to cash payment.

Make sure to configure the Wage Rate of Encashment activity in Settings according to company policy

  • Profile Group - Leave Rule will only apply to specified Group

  • Fixed date - determines if Encashment will be based on Anniversary Date or Fixed Date. Leave uncheck if Encashment is based on Anniversary Date

    • Trigger date - date when the leave rule should take effect. Trigger date will show if Fixed Date is checked

Leave Encashment

All leave Encashment balances will automatically be converted into Other Payments in the employee's next payslip if you use the Payroll module.

Ensure that the Payroll Batch Cycle is activated to accept "Encashments" in the Other Payment Settings.

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