Creating Standard Work Schedules

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Standard Schedules are regular, recurring work schedules that do not often change.  It is most efficient to establish standard schedules so that you can just set it once and not have to deal with it on an ongoing basis going forward.



Make sure, you already setting up Standard Schedules, you should ensure the following have been completed first.

  1. define your various Working Activities
  2. set up any regular daily Shift templates that can be used repeatedly
  3. establish any regular weekly Event Templates by applying Shifts to certain days of the week


Profile Manager - Bulk Standard Schedule

>> My Team > Tools > Profile Manager

The easiest way to apply Standard Schedules in bulk is via the Profile Manager.  

Important Steps

Step 1 : Select Profile Field - select Standard Schedule - "Event Template" and "Event Template Start Date", then click <APPLY>
Step 2 : Employee Profiles - use filters to find and select the employees you wish to apply a Standard Schedule to.
Step 3 : Bulk Action - select and apply the relevant "Event Template" and "Event Template Start Date".

Event Template Start Date cannot be earlier than tomorrow, notification will state that the profiles has been updated successfully

Bulk Import

>> My Team > Bulk Data > Type Export > Attendance

You also have the option to bulk import the recurring event template and apply it to employees in just seconds!

First press <EXPORT> to download details for all employees within the system

Easiest way is to delete any columns in worksheet that you wont need, keep the Employee ID, Name, Department, or any identifying details that help you, apply the the Standard Schedule with the "Event Template" and "Event Template Start Date" columns, date format must be yyyy-mm-dd and use the "append" function.

Individual Standard Schedule

>> Employee Profile > Attendance

Apply standard schedules individually by filling up the start date when the schedule will begin, then Select Template - apply an Event Template, if applicable.

Start Date  CANNOT be earlier than tomorrow.

If no Event Template applies, then continue to input all the relevant details for the employee's Standard Schedule. The available fields will be exactly the same as found in Event Template.  


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