BIR Form 2316 - Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld

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BIR Form 2316 is accomplished by the employer for each employee receiving salaries, wages, and other forms of remuneration, indicating the total amount paid and the taxes withheld for the calendar year.

It must be issued to the employee on or before January 31 of the succeeding year; or on the day of the last payment of wages in case of termination from employment.

Let's dive into how 2316 report is mapped in KAMI!

2316 Form Mapping

For the Year (YYYY)
Year of assessment
2 For the PeriodFrom (MM/DD) - Start of Fiscal Year (if Hired prior assessment) or Hire Date (if Hired within the Fiscal Year)

To (MM/DD) - End of Fiscal Year or Termination Date

Part I - Employee Information
4 Employee's Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)
5 RDO Code
6 Registered Address
    6A ZIP Code
    6B Local Home Address
6C ZIP Code
6D Foreign Address
7 Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
8 Contact Number
9 Statutory Minimum Wage rate per day
10 Statutory Minimum Wage rate per month
11 Minimum Wage Earner (MWE) whose compensation is exempt from withholding tax and not subject to income tax

Part II - Employer Information (Present)
12 TINCompany & Subsidiary Details
13 Employer's Name
14 Registered Address
    14A ZIP Code
15 Type of Employer"Main Employer"

Part III - Employer Information (Previous)
16 TINMy Team - Payroll Details 
17 Employer's Name
18 Registered Address
    18A ZIP Code

Part IVA - Summary
19 Gross Compensation Income from Present from Present Employer Sum of Items 38 and 52
20 Less: Total Non-Taxable/Exempt Compensation Income from Present Employer From Item 38
21 Taxable Compensation Income from Present Employer Item 19 Less Item 20 (From Item 52)
22 Add: Taxable Compensation Income from Previous Employer, if applicablePrevious Total Taxable
23 Gross Taxable Compensation Income Sum of Items 21 and 22
24 Tax DueAnnualized Income Tax
25 Amount of Taxes Withheld
    25A Present EmployerTotal Income Tax Withheld (Present Employer)
    25B Previous Employer, if applicableTotal Income Tax Withheld (Previous Employer)
26 Total Amount of Taxes Withheld as adjusted Sum of Items 25A and 25B
27 5% Tax Credit (PERA Act of 2008)PERA-Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) submitted by contributor-employee
28 Total Taxes WithheldSum of Items 26 and 27

Go to Fiscal Year Summary Report to see the breakdown of how the below are computed.

Part IV-B Details of Compensation Income & Tax Withheld from Present Employer
A. Non-Taxable/Exempt Compensation
29 Basic Salary (including the exempt P250,000 & below) or the Statutory Minimum Wage of the MWEBasic Wage + OP Wage Adjustments + OP Fixed Allowances - EE Contribution Share of MWEs.
30 Holiday Pay (MWE)Sum of all Activities that are flagged as such Holiday Pay, Overtime Pay, Night Shift, etc. of MWEs
31 Overtime Pay (MWE)
32 Night Shift Differential (MWE)
33 Hazard Pay (MWE)
34 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits (maximum of P90,000)Total OP Bonus that's not exceeding the max P90,000 threshold
35 De Minimis BenefitsTotal OP De Minimis
36 SSS, GSIS, PHIC & PAG-IBIG Contributions and Union Dues (Employee share only)Total Employee Contributions + Total OP Union Dues
37 Salaries and Other Form of CompensationTotal OPs with Tax Status "None" less OP Total De Minimis
38 Total Non-Taxable/Exempt Compensation Income Sum of Items 29 to 37
B. Taxable Compensation Income Regular
39 Basic SalaryBasic Wage - Total Tardy + OP Wage Adjustment + OP Attendance Policies - Total EE Share of Non MWEs
40 RepresentationIf applicable
41 TransportationIf applicable
42 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)If applicable
43 Fixed Housing AllowanceIf applicable
44 Others (Specify)

42A/B : Total OP Regular (except OP Commission, Wage Adjustment, Attendance Policy) + Holiday Pay + Night Shift Differential Wage Type

    44A (blank box, to be filled up)
    44B (blank box, to be filled up)
45 CommissionTotal OP Commission
46 Profit SharingIf applicable
47 Fees Including Director's FeesIf applicable
48 Taxable 13th Month BenefitsTotal OP Bonus that's exceeded the max P90,000 threshold
49 Hazard PaySum of all Activities that are flagged as such Hazard Pay and Overtime Pay of Non MWEs
50 Overtime Pay
51 Others (specify)Can be manually inputted
    51A (blank box, to be filled up)
    51B (blank box, to be filled up)
52 Total Taxable Compensation IncomeSum of Items 39 to 51B


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