Retroactive Payments

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If you are a Payroll Master looking at this article, you'll surely relate if I say "adjustments are inevitable" in every periods we process.

But also, processing wage adjustments should not be hard! Whether it was from a late filing or approval due to some reasons, KAMI's Retroactive Payments is here to help you easily add any event adjustments from the previous payroll cut-off to your present payroll calculation!

>Payroll Dashboard >Payroll Batch >Payslips >Retroactive events

You can process retroactive payments while you're running a regular payroll.

Processing Retroactive Payments

Step 1: Access the Retroactive Events page - from the created Payroll Batch, go to Payslips tab >click Retroactive Events card

Step 2: Review list of Retroactive Events - you'll have a list of events for adjustments

You can also filter the page by

  • Activity - see which On Work activity you wish to process adjustments first
  • Type - whether Manually Created, Leave Request, Event Request, Event Edit Request
  • Department, Branch, Position or Groups - sort the processing by employee groups

You may also want to change the Approval Cutoff Date as you wish. Approval Cutoff Date will always show the last date of previous cutoff by default.

Step 3: Create - process adjustments by clicking the checkbox then click Bulk Actions

You'll have options to

  • Create Retroactive Payment - review wage adjustment calculations
  • Ignore Selected Events - this will permanently remove the event from the Retroactive Events page only

Step 4: Review - verify final amounts. By default, these retroactive payments will be included in an Open or Pending payroll batch available

Edit final amounts if necessary. The system will also give you warning message if a certain payslip is not included in your selected batch.

Step 5: Add to payslip - click Create and it will automatically be added to the employee's payslip as Other Payment

When done, you may continue processing your payroll batch.

That's it! - You have successfully created retroactive payments!

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