Computation of Monthly Invoices

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KAMI Workforce only charges monthly subscription fees for Active users on an Active company.

  • Per module
  • Per employee
  • Per month

Only Active "status" companies/modules are charged for usage.

  • Trial status companies or modules are not charged for use 
  • Terminated status means companies cannot access their account

An active account can have both Active and Trial modules.

Sample Invoice

Components are: 

  1. Products - all modules in KAMI are charged based on the basis of active number of users except for Base Server Fee
    • Base Server Fee - fixed fee for use of KAMI regardless of number of employees
    • My Team - charged on the basis of active users
    • Calendar - charged on the basis of active users
    • Payroll - charged on the basis of active users
    • Other modules (if applicable)
  2. Quantity - is Active User count or units availed
    • Average Active Users - the formula for this is [sum_users / sum_days] 
      • at the start of each period/month, KAMI restarts active user count at zero
      • each day, KAMI counts the number of active users per module 
      • sum_users = KAMI sums daily user count
      • sum_days = KAMI counts the days in the period
        Note: Users who are Inactive are not included in sum_users and thus not part of invoice.
    • Unit count - will apply to items such as
      • Base Server Fee will always have a quantity of 1 as it is one fixed charge per company
      • KAMI Tablets - counted as number of units purchased 
      • Onboarding Packages - type and number of packages availed
  3. Unit price (currency) - each product is charged a fixed price per user per month
  4. Month - number of months being computed for. Monthly invoice will typically have a count of 1 but if pre-payments are being invoiced, this number should reflect your prepayment preference.
  5. Discount - if discounts related to user count or module are given, they are reflected here
  6. Amount - computed as the product of
    • Quantity
    • Unit Price
    • Month
    • (1-Discount)
  7. Subtotal - total of amount per products
  8. Tax and Discounts - an additional items applied to full invoice are reflected here
  9. Total - final amount for payment which is a summation of all items starting from Subtotal to above the total line.

When will your Monthly Invoice begin?

You will receive a monthly invoice once at least one module is Active.  See status of modules in your Billing Settings and Modules Activation.

You will see charges per product once employees are activated on different products in their profile.  Employee access can be configured in Profile Access.

Estimates of monthly bill can also be seen in Billing Settings.

When will the Billing Invoice be received?

Monthly Invoices are released on the first day after the close of month through:

When is the Billing Invoice due?

Monthly Invoices are released on the first day after the close of month.  Clients are given 30 days to pay before account is terminated.  See important billing cycle dates here

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